Breast cancer is a particularly emotional disease. It afflicts that which is often perceived as the very symbol of womanhood and femininity. No two cancers are alike, because every woman is unique.

We understand that every affliction poses uniquely personal challenges. Every woman walks a uniquely personal journey. We are passionate about educating our women; empowering them to make informed decisions; embracing them in their season of trial; executing expert treatment; and emboldening our women in pursuit of the celebration of survivorship.

In collaboration with partners such as the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation and experienced physiotherapists, we offer specialized treatment options tailored to the needs of our women, from pre-surgical advice and counseling, through breast surgery, to post-surgical rehabilitation and emotional edification.

Let us walk the journey with you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Esther Chuwa
Singapore Breast Surgeon & Medical Director
Esther Chuwa BreastCare Practice